Day in the life | Off Grid Vlog | Power up!

Day in the life | Off Grid Vlog | Power up!

Day in the life | Off Grid Vlog | Power up!

Another? yes another vlog… I finally got the part to try and fix the generator, so I can regain power. Follow a quick day in the last parts of winter and take a look into the mass thaw.

Massive thanks to Patreons!!

This is 100% reality of living off the grid and setting up a homestead on a low budget.

This is the path to self sufficiency and all support from you really helps so please comment, like and subscribe to the channel and follow along to see if it works out…or not…

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Translated titles:
Día en la vida | Vlog fuera de la red | ¡Encender!

Tag im Leben | Off-Grid-Vlog | Einschalten!

Jour dans la vie | Vlog hors réseau | Allumez !

Dag i livet | Off Grid Vlog | Opstart!

Dag in het leven | Off Grid Vlog | Opstarten!

Päivä elämässä | Off Grid Vlog | Käynnistää!

Giorno nella vita | Vlog fuori griglia | Accendere!

Dag i livet | Off Grid Vlog | Start opp!

Dzień z życia | Vlog poza siecią | Moc!

Dag i livet | Off Grid Vlogg | Slå på!


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