Off Grid Vlog 80! Forest destroyed!!

Off Grid Vlog 80! Forest destroyed!!

Off Grid Vlog 80! Forest destroyed!!

The forest has now been butchered… Off grid life vlog number 80! I make some super fast animal feeders and houses from the tiny house leftovers. Continuing to get little bits done before the growing season and running out of power and materials.

This is 100% reality of living off the grid and setting up a homestead on a low budget.

This is the path to self sufficiency and all support from you really helps so please comment, like and subscribe to the channel and follow along to see if it works out…or not…

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Translated titles:
Fuera de la red Vlog 80! ¡¡Bosque destruido!!

Off-Grid-Vlog 80! Wald zerstört!!

Hors réseau Vlog 80 ! Forêt détruite !!

Off Grid Vlog 80! Skov ødelagt!!

Off Grid Vlog 80! Bos vernietigd!!

Off Grid Vlog 80! Metsä tuhottu!!

Off Grid Vlog 80! Foresta distrutta!!

Off Grid Vlog 80! Skog ødelagt!!

Off Grid Vlog 80! Las zniszczony!!

Off Grid Vlog 80! Skog förstörd!!

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