Cabin in the woods Vlog | Storms and Bears | Off Grid Living

Storms for a couple days here in the forest. A few trees came down and a few things to fix up! The mass clearing needs done anyway so it was kind of helpful…A bear has woken up early and prowling around in the forest. The ducks eggs are going to get incubated as Lumi refused to sit on them. A long vlog with a fair amount of music to cut out all the wind noise.
This is 100% reality of living off the grid and setting up a homestead on a low budget.

This is the path to self sufficiency and all support from you really helps so please comment, like and subscribe to the channel and follow along to see if it works out…or not…

All music used is via Epidemicsound. Get a free trial, Link below!

Thanks for watching and to all the supporters.

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