Off Grid Living Vlog | Barn restoration | Predators , snow and remodelling

Starting to look at the old barn, the back end needs to come down and at least inspected… The snow still has not stopped, so still waiting on that to thaw and/or leave! Then I can start the ten million other projects for the growing season and everything else. A little predator comes to visit the ducks and I'll show you the progress on the Indian runner duck eggs that are now in the incubator and showing signs of life. A quick run down to the nearest recycling place to get rid of a few months worth of sweetcorn tins..ducks love it! Sweetcorn..not recycling..they don't care too much for that.

This is 100% reality of living off the grid and setting up a homestead on a low budget.

This is the path to self sufficiency and all support from you really helps so please comment, like and subscribe to the channel and follow along to see if it works out…or not…

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