March 2, 2024
Why My Mom Will Never Cancel Her Sam’s Club Membership

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As someone who recently moved back to her hometown, I’ve been looking into all the warehouses near me and comparing membership options. I knew my mom shopped at Sam’s Club when we were growing up, so I asked her if she was still a card-carrying member. Her answer? Yes! But I’ll admit that what came after surprised me.

She only goes to Sam’s Club a few times a year, and keeps her membership for one very specific and timely reason: It practically pays for itself in poinsettias alone.

What’s So Great About the Sam’s Club Poinsettia Planter?

My mom loves to decorate for the holidays, so it’s not unusual for her to buy over a dozen large poinsettia plants to display up the front steps and in the entryway. At Sam’s Club, you can get a 10-inch poinsettia plant for about $17, while most other places I’ve seen charge at least $20. If she gets around 15 poinsettias each year (she really does go all out), that saves her a minimum of $45 over the other competitors, close to the $50 yearly Club membership.

The quality is also a huge draw. My mom emphasized how BIG the poinsettias are at Sam’s Club, and that they last throughout the holiday season with basic care. (Poinsettias bloom in the winter and are fairly easy to care for — they thrive in a sunny location and just need to be watered when the soil feels dry.)

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