The Best New Groceries of December 2023

The Best New Groceries of December 2023

The Best New Groceries of December 2023

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As a Sagittarius, December is naturally one of my favorite times of year. It’s not just my birthday I get excited about, but all the festiveness, too. It doesn’t matter what holiday you celebrate — December is the perfect time to rest, gather with friends and family, and get cozy around a shared meal. I love the comfort foods we gravitate to in winter, too: hot cocoa, warm cookies, and cinnamon-kissed desserts and drinks. 

The new grocery items that arrive in December reflect this time of year. So far, the best and most exciting include an eggnog-inspired yogurt bursting with the fragrance of nutmeg, a limited-edition pear and cinnamon-flavored energy drink, and a nostalgic yet new take on a classic rolled tortilla chip. As the month progresses, I’ll be updating this list with more of December’s must-buy new grocery items. 

1. Chobani Spiced Holiday Nog

I am an eggnog enthusiast and proud of it. One thing I will say about eggnog, however, is it can, at times, be too viscous and cloying. This is where Chobani does everything right with its holiday-inspired yogurt: The yogurt isn’t too thick and stodgy, while the flavor strikes the perfect balance between sweet and naturally tart. The addition of nutmeg makes it feel even more like the festive holiday drink.

2. Red Bull Pear Cinnamon Winter Edition

Pear is the most prominent flavor in this winter-edition Red Bull. It’s juicy and sweet with just a hint of cinnamon that follows the initial fruity flavor — almost like a poached pear in energy drink form. Although I’m partial to coffee and tea for a kick of caffeine, I could see this Red Bull also working as an excellent mixer for holiday-themed cocktails.

3. Zack’s Mighty Rolled Tortilla Chips Chile Lime

Zack’s Mighty tortilla chips are made with regenerative corn and an ingredient list that is easy to follow. Beyond the company’s commitment to sustainability, the chip itself has no faults. The chile lime flavor boasts ample heat and the right amount of zippiness. It’s rolled into neat cylinders, providing a satisfying crunch. Although the chips are sturdy enough to stand up to queso and guacamole, they are great to snack on as is. 

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