Virtual Horse Racing Hubs : ride with us

Virtual Horse Racing Hubs : ride with us

Virtual Horse Racing Hubs : ride with us

486998_1_468 Virtual Horse Racing Hubs : ride with us

Star Stable Entertainment recently announced the launch of its ‘Ride With Us' platform. This platform will provide a hub for users in the Star Stable community to gather with one another in a creative and engaging way, allowing for immersive interactions between users.

Star Stable conducted research into the attitudes toward the “horse girl” community from randomly-selected United States respondents. The research turned up that words such as “obsessed,” “weird,” and “annoying” were associated with horse girls.

As a result, Star Stable sought to change this perception through the creation of its Ride With Us platform. According to Star Stable-led research, horse riding makes individuals feel “free,” “alive,” “brave,” and “exhilarated.” These are the qualities that the company is hoping to bring to the forefront through its Ride With US platform. The entertainment company, therefore, designed the platform around encouraging these traits and focusing on improving the self-esteem of the users.

Therése Forssell, Head of Communications at Star Stable Entertainment, stated: “At Star Stable, we believe girls are strong enough already and don’t need to be empowered — it’s the outside world that needs to change their perception of “horse girls”. The stigma around the term causes girls to quit their equestrian sport or suppress their riding interest and love for horses.”

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