Uplifting Reforestation Campaigns

‘Outshine,' the frozen fruit bar company and leader in the healthy snacking segment, announced its upcoming ‘Let The Joy Shine Through' campaign. Through this campaign, Outshine will partner up with ‘The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation' to contribute to planting over 2,000 new fruit trees around the globe. This will help increase the health of the world's forests and fruit supplies.

To promote the campaign, Outshine has partnered with NBA Star and Outshine fan Duncan Robinson. Duncan Robinson has been promoting the campaign on his social communities across Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, encouraging fans to “share the joy of fruit.” Fans can participate by nominating friends and using the hashtag #OutshineSpreadsJoy, and by tagging @OutshineSnacks. 100 nominated individuals will be randomly selected by Outshine to receive a real fruit tree seed to plant in their backyard or local community.

Image Credit: Outshine

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