Celeb-Backed Advocacy Agencies : Mighty Dream

Celeb-Backed Advocacy Agencies

Celeb-Backed Advocacy Agencies : Mighty Dream

488600_1_468 Celeb-Backed Advocacy Agencies : Mighty Dream

Beloved music producer and entrepreneur Pharrell has teamed up with communications firm Edelman to launch a new creative agency called Mighty Dream.

The new agency will focus on advocating for “Black and brown creatives” and will aim to rethink the traditional agency model. According to Pharrell, the idea for the new agency was born from the artist's 2021 Elephant in the Room panel, which focused on figuring out ways to better support marginalized groups in Pharrel'ls home cities, Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

Mighty Dream “will exclusively develop products and creative solutions that solve some of the societal challenges that have impacted marginalized communities,” said a spokesperson from the progressive new agency in a recent press statement.

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