Nutraville – Helix 4 – Tap into your Genetic code!

Nutraville – Helix 4 – Tap into your Genetic code!

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Product Name: Nutraville – Helix 4 – Tap into your Genetic code!

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Discover What to Eat to Shed Pounds with Your

Then I heard another pop.

I turned to look at my wife—her eyes were wide. Filled with terror.

Everything felt like it was happening in slow motion…

My heart felt like it was trying to beat its way out of a tight leather strap…

I remember feeling my palms glaze over with anxious sweat as I reached for my wife’s hand…

We started running, but she’s much faster than me.

My hand slipped out of hers…

They were the only words I could speak as all 312 pounds of me stumbled over my own feet, falling to the cold, hard pavement…

The breath left my body on impact.

I was bracing myself for the bullet that would surely pierce through me at any second…

I thought about my beautiful, five-year-old daughter, at home in her pink pajamas watching Moana with the babysitter for the ump-teenth time.

My heart was still trying to beat its way out of my tight, heavy ribcage…

When I rolled over and realized that the danger seemed to have passed.

Because those pops weren’t a gun after all.

And thank goodness for that.

Because just moments after I thought my life was about to end…

I made the life-changing decision that, come hell or high water, I was going to lose the extra weight that could have killed me…

If not by squeezing the life out of my struggling heart…

Then by taking away my ability to run—to protect myself and my wife from what could have been a deadly shooting.

It’s a safe, simple, totally natural solution that can work for just about any adult, at any age, no matter how much weight you need to lose.

It takes barely 12 seconds a day…

And, in a matter of weeks (not months) you could be tossing all your “fat clothes” in the donation bin.

Just imagine feeling excited about your appearance instead of awkward, embarrassed or self-conscious.

Think about what your vacations, or even just a visit with your family, could look and feel like…

If you’re not always out of breath or tired or achy from hauling all that extra weight around.

You could stop feeling guilty when you order dessert…

You’d never have to worry about people’s searing, judgmental stares when you get on a plane… silently begging you not to sit in their row.

Instead, you could look forward to confidence… and swagger. More energy, more drive, and just a happier life.

I mean, isn’t that what it’s all about—living a happy and fulfilling life?

I don’t know about you, but until very recently, I never thought I’d ever feel truly happy.

But as you’re about to see, that happy, healthy, comfortable life—a life where you’re excited about how you look, how you feel and how people treat you—has never been easier.

And I know it’s 100% possible because I did it too.

That’s why I’m writing to you today. To share my secret.

Because, like you, I’d spent years (if I’m being honest, it was more like decades) making excuses for my size.

And, just like you, I’d tried everything.

I tried Weight Watchers and calorie counting…

But some of the healthiest foods on the planet—nuts, avocados, a lean steak—would put me over the daily point limit by lunch time.

Then I tried Atkins, paleo, keto—all those low-carb diets just made me tired and cranky.

And, let’s be honest. Carbs make life worth living, am I right?

So, I tried doing more cardio and less weight lifting…

More weight lifting and less cardio…

And, oh my gosh, those diet pills gave me the anxious jitters like I sucked down an entire pot of coffee.

I decided that losing weight was “impossible” for me.

So, finally, I just gave up.

If I was destined to be fat and unhealthy—if I was going to feel judged and insecure anyway…

I’d rather eat whatever I want than live on some restrictive diet that never moved the needle on my bathroom scale by more than 8 or 9 pounds.

I never felt sadder and more ashamed of myself than I did that day.

Feeling fat was nothing new for me.

I've known I was a fat person since grade school when every one of my classmates took every opportunity to remind me I was fat.

But, as an adult. A husband. And a father.

After that day, all I could think was that I should know better—that I should DO better.

For myself. For my wife. And for my five-year-old daughter.

What if I didn’t get to go home that night and kiss her goodnight… because I was too fat to run for cover?

How could I have lived with myself?

I decided I would do anything and everything I had to do to melt all that ugly, jiggly fat off my legs and arms… from around my waist and my gut…

And not only did I do it with staggering ease…

It takes just seconds a day…

And I promise you’ll never have to count another carb, calorie or gram of fat.

In fact, you can eat whatever you want to. Which is the ONLY reason I was able to stick with this.

You won’t have to spend hours at the gym either… unless you really want to.

That’s because it works by targeting one fat-storing hormone that no one talks about.

It has nothing to do with insulin or blood sugar.

It’s not about your thyroid.

And it has NOTHING to do with your willpower.

NONE of the diet books or weight loss gurus ever talk about it…

My doctor, my cardiologist, even my endocrinologist never said a word about it. And he’s supposed to be a hormone expert, right?

That’s why I’m telling you—what you’re about to learn is Nobel Prize worthy.

Because, I found a safe, simple, natural way to switch off this hormone—it takes just 12 seconds a day. And, like magic, it can help melt away up to 34% of your unwanted fat starting in a matter of days.

So, if you’re ready to bid your “fat self” goodbye…

If you’ve ever felt like losing weight was impossible for you too…

If you’ve been searching for a way to finally dissolve away fat and lose inches from your gut, your thighs, your hips and your floppy upper arms…

Without feeling starved, tired, or irritable.

If you’re fed up with feeling sad or angry or helpless because of your weight.

But you’re just not willing to live on rice cakes and celery for the rest of your life.

If you know, deep down, that those extra pounds are keeping you from enjoying the life you deserve…

Then please keep reading.

Because, until very recently I had no idea dropping weight could be so easy.

And now my only life’s goal is to help people like you discover the same 12-second secret that helped me.

So you can finally walk onto the beach or out to the pool with confidence…

Order your favorite dessert without suffering through your server’s not-so-subtle eye roll…

Find a seat at the movies without those horrified looks, begging you not to choose their row.

All that goes away starting today. And here’s why.

I’m not an expert in nutrition, exercise, metabolism, biology or chemistry.

But I’m proud to say I’m an expert in not being fat anymore.

If you’re anything like me, and I have a feeling you are…

You’ve always had a suspicion that if all those doctors, researchers, health coaches, fitness instructors, and weight loss gurus were right…

There would be no fat people.

But regular folks like us have to rely on the advice of “experts”.

So, every time I decided it was really time to lose weight… again…

And, I’m sure it comes as no surprise, none of them ever told me something that you and I haven’t already heard OR tried before.

Facebook. I hate to say it, but it was Facebook.

One of the things that used to make me feel better about myself was scrolling through Facebook to look at how fat some of my old classmates got.

I mean, some of these folks were on the track team, they were football captains, cheerleaders—and now they were as big as me.

But then there was Big Doug Behrens. Big Doug was huge in high school.

They called him Big Doug to his face… and they called him Big Doughy Doug behind his back.

If anyone got picked on more than me, it was Big Doug.

And there he was looking fit and slim. With his beautiful wife, his two kids—Doug had done really well for himself. And he looked fantastic!

So, I wrote him a message, but it took me days to hit send.

I wrote it and I rewrote it.

I needed to know his secret.

But years of being ridiculed by people who were slimmer than me had me terrified that Doug would join the ranks of all those mean high school kids.

Irrational, I know. Especially since I hadn’t seen most of those people in more than 20 years.

So finally I did it. I sent a message to Doug…

And he couldn’t have been more kind!

Doug, I know it’s been a long time, but man—you look great! I’ve been struggling to drop even a few pounds since we were in high school.

It feels awkward to even ask… but can you tell me how you did it? How’d you lose all that weight?

Hey Dan! Wow, it’s been a LONG time. It’s great to hear from you.

As for my secret… well… I like to tell people I made a little deal with the devil. 😇

Why don’t we meet for coffee and talk? It’ll be great to catch up.

It turned out that, ever since high school, Doug had tried all the same diets, protocols, pills, exercise plans and whatnot that I had tried…

With just as much failure, defeat and disappointment.

“Until I found this,” Doug said.

He smiled huge and slid a small jar of pills across the table at me.

“It’s called Veldt Grape. It’s a vine in the grape family… but it’s not actually a grape at all.

And it only grows in dry deserts in places like Asia and Africa.

“But sometimes it’s called Devil’s Backbone. Fun right?

That’s why I like to tell people I made a deal with the devil—it sounds so mysterious”.

It can heal bones and injuries faster… soothe allergy symptoms… relieve gout… you name it.

Hardly anyone in the U.S. has ever heard of it because it’s
fairly rare and only grows in places like Africa, Arabia and
some parts of Asia.

But, he said, modern, peer-reviewed, placebo-controlled studies are finally starting to understand how and why Veldt Grape helps people drop weight so quickly and easily.

Then he threw his hands in the air and motioned like a magician who just made a jetliner disappear.

Then he flashed that giant smile again, “And, as God is my witness, THIS is all you need, Dan.”

I looked down at the bottle awkwardly, “Umm… thanks Doug…”

I felt pretty skeptical. I’m sure I looked skeptical. And I felt bad about that.

Especially since Doug was so kind to meet up with me on his Sunday. And he was so excited to tell me about this stuff.

“…but I’ve tried every pill under the sun,” I continued. “Most of them don’t do anything but give me the runs or the jitters.”

I was trying to sound more curious than skeptical, “So. Tell me. What’s so special about Veldt Grape? What makes it any different from all that other stuff? You know… how does it work?”

His eyes lit up and he smiled even bigger…

I took Doug at his word.

I thanked him for his time.

And I went home with yet another bottle of pills certain they would leave me disappointed. Again.

I figured, as long as they didn’t give me the trots, I had nothing to lose, right?

So, I woke up the next morning, took my first dose… and waited for the jitters or the runs…

Curious to see if I’d feel anything to prove that this Veldt Grape was truly different.

And, I’ll tell you what.

I didn’t drop 152 pounds overnight. Or even in a week.

Not in terms of my weight, obviously. But my mood just felt somehow brighter.

I found myself smiling… simply because I felt like smiling.

So, I took the Veldt Grape faithfully for the rest of the week.…

Not even 12 seconds out of my morning routine…

By the following Sunday, my clothes were looking baggy around my thighs… and my gut wasn’t trying to peek out from below my shirt.

After a month I looked like a different person. I felt like a different person.

I was sleeping better. I had more energy. I had a spring in my step that I’ve never had before.

You know how sometimes kids just start skipping instead of walking? And you think to yourself, gosh, where do they get the energy?

Whether you’re self-conscious about the 10 or 20 pounds you’ve been struggling to lose…

Or you’re more like I was, and you need to lose 100 pounds or more.

Veldt Grape WILL change your life too.

Because it takes less than 12 seconds each morning…

It starts working in a matter of DAYS…

And I can’t wait to tell you more about the double-blind, placebo-controlled study (the gold standard in scientific research) that shows it can help melt away more than a third of your unwanted body fat…

But, as I’m sure you know, losing weight quickly, safely and easily is about so much more than just being a smaller person.

You know it and I know it.

People look at you differently… they treat you differently… and that stuff really gets under your skin, right?

It changes the way you see yourself forever.

Especially if you’ve spent most of your life feeling like no one could possibly see past the way you look.

And, over the coming days and weeks, you’ll stop worrying about what people think when you order that ice cream cone…

You won’t worry about those looks as you walk out to the pool or onto the beach…

Never again will you get those judgmental looks at the grocery store… or in restaurants… or anywhere for that matter.

But most importantly, you can stop beating yourself up about the way your body looks.

And, pretty soon, your biggest problem will be buying ONLY one new pair of pants at a time… because, a few days later, you’re going to need the next size smaller.

That was my “problem” too.

And my wife? My wife couldn’t get enough of me. We went from having sex maybe once or twice a month, to once or twice a week.

She could finally sit on my lap again, because I’d already melted away 87 pounds of belly fat… thigh fat… waist fat… I was a shade of my original size in just two months.

But the “whipped cream and cherry” on top of it all?

Was knowing that I was truly healthy, perhaps for the first time in my life.

Because, let’s be real… we both know that being fat isn’t just about how you look or how people treat you.

When you’re fat, your risk of death and disease goes through the roof.

You’re 93% more likely to have diabetes and 81% more likely to have heart disease.,,

Your risk of stroke, heart attack, even Alzheimer’s is way higher than for people who are a healthy weight.

Losing weight is about how you get to live… and for how long.

We all have some fat. Even the slimmest, fittest super models and bodybuilders. Your body needs fat to function.

Normally, about 10% of fat cells die every year… and they’re replaced by healthy new fat cells.

For people whose body can keep that balance, staying slim and fit comes easy.

Those are the people we hate—the ones who can eat a giant plate of tacos, wash it down with three sugary margaritas and don’t gain a pound.

But scientists at Stanford University have recently discovered that many of us have a “hormonal switch”…

That experts are now calling the Sympathetic Fat Response.

It’s triggered by your tired, burned out, over-stressed sympathetic nervous system…

And, once it’s flipped on, one key hormone goes haywire and the body starts creating way more fat cells than it needs to replace the dead ones.

And those extra fat cells get stored around your waist and belly… on your thighs, arms, butt—all of your most common problem areas.

And, best as I understand it, it’s the single biggest reason folks like me and you get fat…

And STAY fat no matter what we try.

And under normal conditions, it helps do things like reduce inflammation, form memories, and balance the effects of salt and water on your blood pressure.

It’s also one of the chemicals that “spikes” during a “fight or flight” situation where your sympathetic nervous system kicks off a cascade of chemical reactions to help protect you from danger.

But what we now know—what NO ONE else is talking about—is that once your body triggers the Sympathetic Fat Response…

It sends your cortisol levels through the roof and that balance of new and old fat cells goes right out the window…

Turning your body into a high-powered fat-making, fat-storing machine.

Occasional spikes in cortisol are normal.

A car cuts you off, almost causing an accident…

You get horrible news that someone you love has passed away…

Someone’s dog gets off their leash and comes chasing after you, teeth out and barking like they want to bite off your face.

In an instant, your sympathetic nervous system triggers a flood of cortisol (and adrenaline)…

Raising your blood sugar for a quick burst of energy and the sharpness of mind you need to escape from a stressful or dangerous situation.

But for an increasing number of people like me and you, the Sympathetic Fat Response has become all too common.

Fueled by things like unchecked stress, anxiety and poor sleep, the Sympathetic Fat Response goes to work packing on the pounds… and keeping them there.

So, if you’ve been wondering your entire life why NOTHING you did helped you shed all that extra weight.

Making matters even worse, not only does it switch on fat production AND storage…

It makes us CRAVE more calories—especially from sweet, high-carb foods.

The GOOD news is that we now have scientific PROOF that……

Almost a third of all Americans have some kind of anxiety disorder…

More than half of us report feeling stressed out all the time.

And, global studies show that insomnia affects 10%–30% of the population.

Some studies say that number is more like 50%–60%.

So, in a day and age where nearly half of all Americans are fat, it’s probably not surprising that insomnia affects about as many people.

In fact, a Johns Hopkins study looked at the sleep habits of 68,183 women…

Those who slept 5 hours or less were 32 percent more likely to gain weight.

So no matter what you’re doing to lose weight…

If you live with regular stress…

Or you sleep like crap on a regular basis…

(Or some combination of each)

The Sympathetic Fat Response will force your body to produce pounds and pounds of extra body fat.

But here’s the most terrifying part… it’s not just keeping you fat.

It could be slowly killing you.

For example, in a study of more than 2,000 adults, men and women with the kind of cortisol levels we typically see from the Sympathetic Fat Response…

Were 63% and 82% more likely to die, respectively, than those with normal levels.

Another study showed that both men and women, with high cortisol levels, have a 5-fold increased risk of dying from heart disease—even if they have no history of heart disease.

As if being fat doesn’t put enough strain on your heart, right?

Veldt Grape is known to scientists as Cissus quadrangularis.

But that’s a mouthful, so we’re going to keep calling it Veldt Grape for now.

Its extract has been an important medicine in the ancient Indian medical philosophy, known as Ayurveda, for thousands of years.

But a recent study out of the University of California showed that Veldt Grape not only slashes fat-making and storing cortisol levels… it can help lift your mood as well.

You see, Veldt Grape has been shown to boost your levels of serotonin—one of your body’s most powerful “feel good” hormones.

Creating a double-dose of fat-melting power.

Because several studies show that when your serotonin levels are higher, those extra pounds just melt away like magic…

And Veldt Grape has been shown to boost serotonin levels by 53% to 116%.

That explains why, before I dropped a single pound…

Veldt Grape helped me feel lighter, happier and in a better mood than I’d been in… gosh… maybe since my daughter was born.

And, if you’re in a good mood, you’re less stressed or anxious.

And that means you’re making even less fat-storing cortisol…

Which is pulling the rug out from under the Sympathetic Fat Response.

Veldt Grape has also been shown to keep your body from absorbing fat from the foods you eat.

Your pancreas creates an enzyme called lipase—your body uses it to break down fats so your body can absorb them.

But Veldt Grape inhibits the amount of lipase your body produces… so the fat isn’t digested or absorbed.

It just passes right out of your body.

Now maybe you remember those fat-blocking pills that were popular back in the 80s.

If you were lucky, you only got the runs… but some people lost control altogether. And there are few things more embarrassing than being fat AND pooping your pants.

But with Veldt Grape, you have NOTHING to worry about. There has never been a single reported negative side effect.

No runs… no caffeine jitters… and no soiling yourself.

Remember I told you that Veldt Grape can DOUBLE your serotonin levels?

Well, in addition to putting you in a better, lighter, more upbeat mood…

Serotonin acts as an appetite suppressant.

And that makes sense, doesn’t it?

When you’re feeling down or anxious or tired, you’re more likely to binge-eat sugary, high-carb foods…

But when you flood your body with a feel-good hormone like serotonin, you get an equal, yet opposite, effect.

You feel good. You eat less. And your body isn’t in hyper-fat-storage making mode anymore.

As a bonus benefit, serotonin has also been shown to help build strong, lean muscle.

And the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns.

Helix-4 is the product of a lifetime of being fat…

A lifetime of feeling embarrassed by the way I looked and depressed about the way I felt…

A lifetime of being picked on, ridiculed and made to feel like less of a person because of the Sympathetic Fat Response…

A fat-making, fat-storing trigger that science finally PROVES I had no control over.

More importantly, Helix-4 is the product of my enduring faith that I wasn’t simply “meant to be fat”…

That there was a scientific, biological reason that losing weight the “usual way” is nearly impossible for people like me and you…

And I thank God every day that I had the courage to reach out to my old friend Doug—who was kind enough to share his secret with me…

So that I could share it with you.

But there’s so much more to be excited about.

And there’s so much more to Helix-4 than just Veldt Grape… which I’ll get to shortly.

Because more I read up on my new friend Cissus quadrangularis, aka Veldt Grape, the more I realized that Helix-4 isn’t just another weight loss pill.

Yes, Helix-4 can help you lose a ton of unwanted fat—faster and easier than you ever could have imagined…

But it can also change your life…

By protecting your heart… easing up on your joints…

Normalizing your blood sugar… infusing you with more confidence than you’ve ever had…

And by giving you the freedom to stop seeing YOURSELF as a fat person.




In study after study, folks who’ve discovered the power of Veldt Grape can shriank down to their goal weight in less time than it takes to redecorate your bedroom.

In one 8-week study, people taking 300mg of Veldt Grape dropped almost DOUBLE the weight of the control group.

Their waist shrank by 11%…

Which may not sound like much, at first… but that would have been 5.5 inches off my 50-inch waist!

Plus, Veldt Grape helped shrink away their unwanted body fat by as much as 34%.

All it takes is 12 seconds every morning…

And you’ll start to see results NOT in a matter of years. Not in a matter of months… but in a matter of days and weeks.

In another 8-week study, the Veldt Grape group lost a whopping 173% more weight—that’s nearly triple the weight loss—compared to the control group.

And their waists shrank by an average of 139% more than the control.

These are people who’ve struggled like we have…

And, like me and you, they had tried anything and everything…

Suffering failure after defeat after disappointment for most of their lives…

Two months from now, YOU could have already melted away more than a third of your unwanted body fat…

But, most importantly, in as little as two months you could feel confident, and beautiful, and sexy, and desired…

It feels amazing. I promise you it does.

I used to wear these giant bedsheet-looking shirts to the beach or the pool…

But even my giant shirts couldn’t keep my belly-button from hanging out like a whale breaching the surface of the ocean.

I don’t know who I thought I was fooling.

But these days, I have no problem being outside without a shirt.

I still eat dessert after dinner…

I still enjoy a mid-afternoon snack…

I still don’t spend 40 hours a week in the gym.

But you won’t just look better…

You get to watch the look on your doctor’s face when you ACE your next annual physical, because…

In just 6 weeks, the key ingredient in Helix-4 helped slash total cholesterol and triglyceride levels by almost 20%…

“Bad” LDL cholesterol dropped by almost a third… and fasting blood sugar dropped nearly 15%.

In an 8-week study, the Veldt Grape group saw a significant drop in blood pressure

cholesterol dropped by more than a third, and blood sugar by more than a quarter.

And with every one of these amazing changes, your risk of heart attack and stroke begin to disappear… your risk of diabetes may shrink away to almost nothing…

It’s no wonder Doug liked telling people he’d made a deal with the devil—these study results are jaw-droppingly remarkable.

But what’s even more remarkable is the man I get to see when I look in the mirror.

The version of me that I never dreamed I could be—inside AND out.

What would your life look like if, two months from now, you were finally able to drop all the weight that’s been holding you back?

What would you do differently?

I am beyond happy for you just thinking about all the possibilities.

I feel like it’s the night before your birthday and I’ve just finished wrapping your gifts.

Only my gift to you is a shot at being the fit, healthy, confident person you’ve always dreamed of being.

But just to make sure there’s nothing stopping you from trying Helix-4 today, I want to offer you…

If you’re anything like me, you’re no stranger to “stress eating”.

A bad day at work… an argument with your significant other… worrying about an upcoming doctor’s appointment…

It doesn’t take much to kick off a stress-fueled binge eating session filled with too many calories and too much junk food…

Not only can it sabotage your progress, but your whole weight loss mindset.

In your FREE copy of The Stress Relief Cookbook: Seven days to stress-free weight loss you’ll learn:

Plus, you’ll get a detailed 7-day meal plan filled with decadent, delicious, easy-to-prepare meals to jump-start your weight loss journey…

Without eliminating all of your favorite foods!

But that’s not all. You’ll also get…

This four-part audio bundle was created to reprogram your mind and body for effortless weight loss.

This three-part audio bundle was created to reprogram your mind and body for effortless weight loss.

Part one is called Body Reprogram.

This 10-minute, guided meditation will help you “rewire” your thinking.

Shifting your mindset, igniting your self-esteem and dissolving away any feelings of low self-worth.

Body Reprogram gives you the mental energy you need to get through the day. While delivering unique entrainment signals that teach your brain to reduce cravings while boosting your metabolism… the perfect complement to your weight loss efforts.

Part two is called the Weight Loss Booster

A 20-minute guided meditation to jumpstart your weight loss journey.

This track will help encourage you to love your body as a motivation for choosing the best foods, avoiding giant portions and sticking to your guns.

Change can be hard, but the Weight Loss Booster was designed with even the most stubborn “anti-dieter” in mind…

To help ensure you can overcome any of the typical mindset challenges that can stand in the way of hitting your goal weight FAST.

Part three is called Instant Stress Relief

And it’s exactly what it sounds like.

This 12-minute, audio-only, soundtrack will immediately dissolve away stress, lift anxiety and deliver calm and contentment to your mind and body.

Listen in the car, listen at work, listen at the doctor’s office—anytime you need to quickly and effortlessly hit the “reset button” on your mind…

To restore calm and regain control so you can focus on melting away fat, dropping pounds and revealing the real slimmer you.

*96% Of Customers Order 6 Bottles (Highly Recommended Option)

You’re going to have more energy. You’ll sleep better. And, boy will your joints thank you for lifting some of their burden.

These are the kind of things you can look forward to once you halt the Sympathetic Fat Response, so your body starts burning fat instead of storing it.

People are going to take notice, not just of your new smaller size…

But of your glow, your radiance, your spirit… your swagger.

But I don’t want you to think about this as “trying another weight loss product”.

Think about this as an investment in yourself…

An investment in the body you’ve always wanted…

An investment in the confidence and security you deserve…

An investment in a future filled with pride, self-assurance and a healthy dose of swagger.

When you think about this next step in those terms, choosing the 6-bottle supply becomes a no-brainer.

Not only because you’re getting a full six months worth of Helix-4’s fat-dissolving power…

Not just because it’s the lowest price per bottle…

And not just because you’ll automatically qualify to receive

The Stress Relief Cookbook: Seven days to stress-free weight loss and Rewired for Weight Loss: Guided meditations to fast-track your weight loss goals…

But because you can try Helix-4 for a full 365 days without risking a penny of your investment.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, at any time or for any reason, all you have to do is ask for a full refund…

Even if you’ve used up all six months’ worth of Helix-4, if you’re not seeing the results you expect…

The results you deserve…

Simply give me a call and I’ll refund every penny. No questions asked, no hard feelings, and no strings attached…

The TWO FREE GIFTS are yours to keep just for giving Helix-4 a try today.




Which, as we’ve learned, are key factors for accelerating your weight loss efforts.

Lemon Balm is a green leafy herb, a close relative of mint and a popular medicine of the Greeks and Romans dating back more than 2,000 years.

And in a recent 15-day study, looking at lemon balm’s effect on anxiety, not only did 95% of study subjects feel better…

70% said their anxiety was completely gone… and 85% said it cured their insomnia.

That’s a surefire way to ”switch off” the Sympathetic Fat Response, banish cravings and keep your weight loss goals on the straight-and-narrow.

Passionflower is a fast-growing vine, native to the southern U.S. that produces beautiful purple flowers.

And, like lemon balm, it has a rich history of traditional use for anxiety and problems sleeping.

In a 12-week study, patients reported that things like, restlessness, sleep problems, exhaustion, fear, and lack of concentration all improved, on the average, by almost 60%.

And results like this are exactly what you need to switch off cortisol production and free yourself from the Sympathetic Fat Response.

The legendary herb, ashwagandha, is considered one of the most useful and important Ayurvedic medicines for the last 5,000 years.

Traditionally used to “calm the brain”, reduce swelling and lower blood pressure, ashwagandha is often considered an “adaptogen”.

Adaptogens, have the unique ability to help your body adapt to mental, physical and emotional stress.

In an 8-week study, ashwagandha helped people crush their food cravings… and effect researchers believe it’s because of its anti-stress and anti-anxiety powers.

And it was powerful enough that the ashwagandha group lost 70% more weight than the control group!

It’s probably not surprising to learn that along with the reduced food cravings and weight loss… ashwagandha was shown to knock out cortisol levels by almost a third!

Just 12 seconds each morning…

And in a few short weeks, you could be living an entirely different life than you ever thought possible.

A month from now, you could have a newfound sense of confidence, energy and swagger…

Think about waking up just weeks from today and watching your “fat pants” fall to the ground around your ankles…

Picture yourself, stepping onto the beach, or walking out to the pool in your new bathing suit…

With the confidence of knowing that you don’t just look good—you look AMAZING.

I know, I probably sound a little over the top.

And there’s a good chance you feel like I did that day at the coffee shop, sitting across from Doug, thinking he was full malarky.

But this IS the new reality for hundreds of adults who once thought their weight loss goals were impossible… until they tried Helix-4.

So many of them feel happy with their appearance for the first time since grade school.

Today you get to become one of them.

One of the promises I made to Doug was that I would only share my story (and his) with people who deserve it.

People who are truly serious about losing weight… and keeping it off.

He was kind enough to give me a bottle of Veldt Grape at his own expense and I want to pay his kindness forward.

But Helix-4 is so much more than that.

And when I showed this formulation to my manufacturer—when I told them about the studies and showed them what I looked like just two months earlier…

I thought about it too. I mean, how do you put a price on a breakthrough that succeeds where everything else failed?

But, not only did I want to make good on my promise to Doug, I wanted to make sure almost anyone could afford it.

Because I KNOW what you’re going through. I’ve walked in your shoes.




When I first took plain old Veldt Grape, I started feeling better about myself the very next day…

I noticed a difference in how I looked and felt after about two weeks…

And a month later, I already started looking like a whole new man.

The reason I’m telling you all this again is because, if you’re still reading, I know you’re as serious about losing weight and keeping it off as I was.

I don’t care if it’s that last stubborn 10 pounds… or you need to drop 100 or more…

You’re on a mission. And I want to help you.

That’s why, as you saw just now, I’m offering you up to six bottles of Helix-4, for a full 50% off the one-bottle price.

And I’m giving you this crazy deal for two reasons…

Packed with tips and strategies for freeing yourself from the stress triggers that can stand in the way of your weight loss goals.

Plus a 7-day meal plan packed with simple, delicious, easy-to-prepare meals. And…

This three-part audio bundle will help reprogram and rewire your mind and body to destress, boost metabolism, blast through cravings and super-charge all of your weight loss efforts.

And I’m giving you this crazy deal for two reasons…

I’d hate for you to get to the bottom of your first bottle, then run out of Helix-4 just as your clothes are starting to fall off your slimmer body…

And just as you’re starting to realize that hitting your goal size and weight is actually 100% possible.

I want to make sure you have every opportunity to succeed.

And I want to make sure there’s nothing stopping you from feeling the difference that Helix-4 can make for you.

If you’ve been watching the news, I’m sure you’ve heard about our global supply chain problems. And it looks like they’re not going away any time soon.

Maybe you’ve seen the images of all those giant ships, loaded up with storage containers, waiting dock and drop off all their goods…

It used to take about half a day load those ships. Today it can take more than two weeks.

And it’ll take at least the same amount of time to unload them once they arrive.

To make matters even worse, Forbes reported that the U.S. needs about 80,000 more truck drivers to make deliveries all over the country.

In other words, getting the raw ingredients we need to make Helix-4 is taking longer than ever.

And, that’s just the way it’s going to be for a while.

That means it could be four, six, maybe eight months or more before Helix-4 is back in stock.

That also means, once you’ve used up your initial order, you could be in a months-long backslide on your progress while you’re waiting to reorder.

Because it’s only a matter of time before the Sympathetic Fat Response starts up all over again…

Packing all those pounds you lost right back onto your belly and thighs… your butt… your arms and your face.

All the slimmer, trimmer successes you would be celebrating… could quickly become yet another reason to feel frustrated and defeated.

And there is nothing I would hate more for you.

So, if the deep, 50% off discount on the 6-bottle option isn’t incentive enough to stock up.

If Helix-4 doesn’t work for you, I will refund every last penny.

And if you qualified for your TWO FREE GIFTS, they're yours to keep as my thank you for giving Helix-4 a try.

I know you’ve tried everything…

And I know you’re skeptical. Of course you are. And you should be. There’s a lot of snake oil and false promises out there.

Especially when it comes to weight loss supplements.

The last thing I want you to do is spend your money on yet another “promising solution” that fails.

That’s why I made sure you have plenty of time to put Helix-4 to the test.

Whether you order one bottle today or you make the smartest choice and choose six bottles…

Every penny of your investment is protected for a full year.

That’s how sure I am—that’s how much I believe in Helix-4 and what I know it can do for you.

You really have nothing to lose…

My team and I are extremely easy to get a hold of. There's simply no risk to you.

So, when you get to the bottom of the page, choose the 6-bottle option…

You'll automatically qualify for your TWO FREE GIFTS…

And you can take a full year to call me up and tell me Helix-4 wasn’t everything you wanted it to be.

I don’t think it will happen… but even if it does, you’ve risked nothing.

You actually risk more by not getting started today.

You risk your health… you risk your happiness… you risk not ever getting to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. And I’d hate to see you do that.

We’re in this together and your success is my success—I really mean that.

So don’t wait another minute… click that button and order your risk-free 6-bottle supply of Helix-4 today.

Expert at not being fat anymore




That’s an easy one. If you have unwanted fat around your waist, on your hips and thighs, on your backside and upper arms…

And you’ve tried all of the diet plans, exercise regimens and supplements only to come away disappointed…

Then Helix-4 is absolutely right for you. Hundreds of people, just like you, are already raving about their results.

Plus, you have a full year to ask for a refund – you have zero risk and nothing at all to lose for giving it a try.

This is my favorite question.

Because I noticed a difference the very next day.

No, I didn’t lose a ton of weight overnight.

But I woke feeling energized and motivated.

But I wouldn’t expect to see a difference in your size or how your clothes fit for about 2 or 3 weeks on the average.

Not only is it safe, but it’s made from ingredients that grow out of the ground, not out of a lab… it’s also sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free, vegetarian and non-GMO.

It’s far safer than cutting out entire food groups like carbs… or fat…

It’s certainly safer than extreme calorie restriction… hours of intense cardio… or, even worse, that yo-yo effect where you keep losing weight only to put it right back on.

It’s safer than those chemical metabolism boosters. And it’s certainly safer than surgery.

All you’re really doing is helping your body rebalance a haywire fat-producing hormone that get triggered by things like stress and poor sleep.

Well, there are a couple of reasons for this.

The first is that I’m not some mega-giant pharmaceutical company.

So the mainstream media outlets aren’t following me around… 60 Minutes isn’t calling me for interviews…

I wrote this letter myself and I asked some of my favorite health publishers to pass it along for me.

The other reason is because so few peer-reviewed studies ever make it into the mainstream media.

And I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to me that not a single researcher, familiar with the Sympathetic Fat Response, is screaming about it from the rooftops.

So I’m doing the best to get the word out on my own.

That’s really for you to decide. But I think 6 bottles is a great place to start…

Partially because I’m offering you 50% off. And partially because it could be literally months before I’m able to restock my inventory.

I’d hate for you to only order one bottle… start seeing the pounds melt away…

And then realize you have to wait two months, four months, who knows how long before you can stock up again.

Don’t forget, no matter how many bottles you order, you have a full year to try Helix-4.

And if it just doesn’t work for you, I’ll send you a full refund of every penny.

No questions asked. No strings. No hard feelings.

Absolutely not. This is a one-time purchase with no hidden terms, no fine print and no automatic renewals or charges.

I hate that stuff at least as much as you do… so you don’t have to worry about any of that nonsense from me.

The science is rock solid and I feel like my own story is proof positive that Helix-4 is the real thing. But everyone’s body, needs and expectations are different…

So in the unlikely event that you’re less that satisfied at any time or for any reason at all…

You’re 100% protected by an unconditional money back guarantee for one full year.

That means whether you order one bottle, three bottles or six bottles…

You have a full year to give us a call or send us an email and we’ll refund every penny.




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