ESG-Focused Business Strategies : esg business strategies

ESG-Focused Business Strategies

ESG-Focused Business Strategies : esg business strategies

486013_1_468 ESG-Focused Business Strategies : esg business strategies

TC Energy unveiled a new Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiative that it has referred to as a set of ESG business strategies. As a result of TC Energy being a natural gas company, the majority of its ESG goals are targeting the environmental sector. However, the energy giant is still setting concrete, measurable goals for ensuring positive social and governmental impacts.

The environmental strategies from TC Energy include new hydrogen power initiatives, carbon capture initiatives, and further investments in clean energy systems. TC Energy is working with Nikola Corporation on building hydrogen power factories in order to pursue renewable natural gasses. Additionally, the company has partnered with GreenGasUSA in order to ensure convenient transportation of renewable energy from sources to consumers.

TC Energy will also work with the Alberta Carbon Grid project to invest in carbon capture, which coincides with the company's commitment to investing in carbon clean services.

In terms of TC Energy's social and governance strategies, the natural gas company has outlined official commitments to building positive relationships with business partners by selling equity. On top of this, TC Energy has increased employee compensation based on ESG targets and employee scorecards, encouraging positive change from the inside out.

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