Workplace DEI Initiatives : motive

Workplace DEI Initiatives

Workplace DEI Initiatives : motive

496009_1_468 Workplace DEI Initiatives : motive

Motive, the fleet management platform formerly known as ‘KeepTruckin,' publicized its proven diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Motive's DEI system features seven main prongs that make it an inclusive, uplifting workplace.

These range from ensuring each employee has a voice to creating safe spaces for employees to discuss careers and workplace policies to even holding regular demographics data reviews with management staff. Aside from these three, the company also engages in external data reviews where it works with past and future employees, as well as communities and recruitment agencies, to ensure it holds a diverse, satisfied employee base.

Motive stated that it wants employees to “feel comfortable bringing their full selves to work,” paying close attention to workers' thoughts, opinions, and ideas, and using this feedback to continually modify and advance its DEI programs. The company shared its DEI practices in an effort to make a positive impact on other companies by showing how effective DEI can be for worker morale and overall company productivity.

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