What Is Walmart+? Our Honest Review 2024: Cost, Pros & Cons

What Is Walmart+? Our Honest Review 2024: Cost, Pros & Cons

What Is Walmart+? Our Honest Review 2024: Cost, Pros & Cons

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If there’s a chance that I don’t have to go to a grocery store (but still have a fridge miraculously filled with food), I’m going to take that option SO fast. Lightning fast, in fact! It’s not just because online grocery shopping has saved me quite a bit of money (I make way fewer impulsive or hangry buys); it also allows me more time in my one precious life for the important things, like taking up pickleball or catching up on Love Island UK.

So when I saw that Walmart had rolled out a Walmart+ membership program, I knew I’d have to try it out to see if it could save me a bit of money and a bit of time (the ultimate BOGO, TBH). Not all online grocers are made equal, and with some you’re paying a lot for convenience. I decided to suss out if Walmart+ is worth it or not. Here’s what I found. 

Simply put, Walmart+ acts similarly to having an Amazon Prime account: the monthly membership fee gets you free shipping on all sorts of things (like online orders and grocery deliveries from a nearby store), plus early access to deals, a subscription to Paramount+, as well as cashback opportunities. You can also either pay for a yearly subscription or monthly. 

How Much Does a Walmart+ Membership Cost?

What Makes a Walmart+ Membership Worth It?

Much like how Walmart isn’t just a grocery store, Walmart+ is more than a handy grocery delivery service. A Walmart+ membership will also get you: 

What’s most exciting about Walmart+ is that the prices are the same in store and online — there’s no surcharge for online orders, which I’ve noticed at other retailers. Walmart even has a handy quiz at sign-up that helps you map out how much the service can save you in a year (you can fill in how often you expect to get grocery deliveries, do online orders, and stop for gas). Per the quiz, it’s estimated I could — in theory — save $540 a year by using the service. 

Can You Shop at Walmart Without a Membership?

You bet! Like other grocery services (think: Amazon Fresh or Instacart), Walmart is still shoppable without a membership, whether you opt to shop online or in-store. You will pay additional fees for shipping, delivery, or any additional shopper-related fees (like tips) when shopping online. 

Why You Might Pass on a Walmart+ Membership

As for me, a solo shopper who punctuates Trader Joe’s runs with a few Instacart orders a month, I love the selection of Walmart+. It’s a lot of what I need all at one store, with the handiness of being able to order a wide variety of things — guitar picks, mascara, and a fresh pack of socks — all with free shipping.

Like I said before, us single household city-dwellers (I live in Los Angeles) might not be able to reap all the benefits of Walmart+, so for me it’s not 100% worth it as of now, but I’d definitely consider it if I lived within delivery distance, had a larger household, or just really needed a large box of Fruity Pebbles on the regular. 

Are you a Walmart+ member? Tell us about your experience below!

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