Water-Scarce Product Concepts : The Drop Store

Water-Scarce Product Concepts

Water-Scarce Product Concepts : The Drop Store

501854_1_468 Water-Scarce Product Concepts : The Drop Store

The Drop Store is a conceptual range of products that brings attention to the value of water, and what ordinary products might look like in a water-scarce future. Small portions, high prices and products made with discolored water are features of these products, and pure water is positioned as a luxury item. With clean graphics and bold colors, these products and their messaging speak to younger generations driven to make change.

This range of conceptual supermarket products was created by design agency Publicis Groupe Benelux to coincide with the UN Water Conference 2023. Commissioned through an initiative by the Netherlands' Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Drop Store drives home the implications of billions of people living without safe drinking water.

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