UK Covid-19 Inquiry Begins Sittings in Belfast

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UK Covid-19 Inquiry Begins Sittings in Belfast


The UK Covid-19 Inquiry is now taking place in Belfast and focuses on scrutinising Northern Ireland's executive's actions during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the research, it was found that more than 4,000 individuals in Northern Ireland have died from the virus following the pandemic's declaration in March 2020. While the inquiry is near completion, it is anticipated to continue until approximately 2026.

The Independent Reports:

Grief-stricken families stand vigilant outside the Clayton Hotel in Belfast as the Covid-19 inquiry establishes its presence, clinging to cherished photographs of their departed kin. The highly anticipated first hearing marks the beginning of a crucial journey towards examining the impact of the pandemic on the community.

According to MSN:

The UK-wide inquiry's hearings in Belfast have been scheduled to span three weeks, aiming to delve deep into the decisions made in Northern Ireland. This investigative module will examine the initial response, decision-making at the central government level, the performance of political and civil service entities, and the efficacy of relationships with governments in devolved administrations and local and voluntary sectors. Additionally, it will evaluate the rationale behind lockdowns and other non-pharmaceutical interventions.

Anticipated witnesses to provide evidence include former first minister Baroness Arlene Foster, current First Minister Michelle O'Neill (former deputy first minister during the pandemic), and Health Minister Robin Swann.

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