The Costco Snack the Internet Is Calling “the Best”

The Costco Snack the Internet Is Calling “the Best”

The Costco Snack the Internet Is Calling “the Best”

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Costco has some stellar dessert finds if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth. From the bulk retailer’s array of mini cakes to almond florentine cookies and chocolate churro bark, there’s something for everybody stretching from the bakery section to the pantry aisle. Fortunately, the seasonal treats just keep rolling out, and with Valentine’s Day on deck, the sweets will surely go straight to your heart.

As described on the brand’s website, the snack is described as “creamy, sweet, and crunchy,” ideal for an afternoon pick-me-up or something to have on the table for guests to munch on during your Valentine’s Day party. They are currently out of stock on the Creative Snacks website, but you may be able to uncover a bag or two in Costco. The Instagram account spotted a 26-ounce bag in Burbank, California, retailing for $8.49.

“These are so delicious. I hope they’ll come back in stock soon. I’ve tried other brands of strawberry yogurt pretzels, but this one’s creaminess and balance of sweet/salty cannot be beaten,” wrote one reviewer. 

“Bring back!!!! If I see them again at Costco, I’m buying the pallet!” said another.

With reviews as glowing as these, you’ll want to grab a couple of bags if you’re lucky enough to spot them. They will likely only be available for a limited time like last year, so if you’re even slightly considering giving these a try, snag them while you can.

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