The Copywriters Toolbox – We Copy Write

The Copywriters Toolbox – We Copy Write

For sure, most of you will be aware of Copywriting and Copywriters, of which I am one of the latter. Though you probably question what resources Copywriters harness to hone their craft.

The Copywriters Toolbox is more of a concept than something tangible, but most scribblers will have one and it’s something that Artificial Intelligence does not have, at least yet, within its grasp.

How can someone find the fabled “toolbox”?

If I am, to be honest, they don’t find it, it finds them.

The toolbox of a Copywriter and most creatives is pure life experience…not so mysterious or beyond anyone’s grasp. Education, work experience, life events, and the ups and downs of just being a member of global humanity, is the toolbox.

Having been nudged by the Head of English at my Senior School, at the age of 13 years, that I should “always write”, I felt sort of privileged, but at the same time a little awash, not knowing what road lay ahead.

Truth is, apart from when I studied for my Degree, writing didn’t enter my life in a big way. The road I went down was ensuring I had work, a roof to protect my family, and food on the table. 

In 3 decades the closest I got to “writing” for any period of time, was during military service as a Police Officer…so you can probably guess what type of written word I became master of back then.

Over the years after my armed forces life, I picked up the quill again, short stories, poems, and articles for the blogs that I began to build. And I found the more I wrote and actually read, the more my craft gained momentum.

Life events, business building, career changes…the colour of my life, have given me the “voice” I need to write. An ability to know the pain, know the solution to that pain, and empathetically offer help is built into the toolbox through human experience.

There are many technical writing courses and hoops to jump through on the road to making an income with the written word, though mostly, credibility is borne from what the reader senses about the author and the picture and emotions they can evoke.

Your toolbox, should you wish to open it, is already there, although I advise that you grow your skill and maintain it by actually crafting words and studying others.

Being a wordsmith helps not only those that read your articles, blog posts, or books, but for the creator projecting their knowledge, experience, and personal voice is exactly what they hope for. 

An important item in the toolbox is empathy along with a researched knowledge base of your reader’s niche, clients’ business aims, and customer needs. Research and understanding are primary skills of any writer, whether you are looking to pitch or purely create an informational script.

So, if YOU want to be a Copywriter, you feel its in your blood, check out this article which may help:


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