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Ageism-Focused Work Pledges

the centre for ageing better

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The Centre for Ageing Better has launched a new Employer Pledge for businesses and organizations that want to address skill issues, tackle labor shortages, and maximize the potential of older workers. Nearly half (45%) of UK individuals 50 and older believe employers have an unfavorable perception of them relative to younger coworkers or job seekers. In order to combat ageism in the workplace, the new pledge requires employers to commit to one year of action to improve recruitment and retention rates for older workers.

“The labour market is changing and employers are facing huge challenges with skills and labour shortages and near-record vacancy rates. Workers in their 50s and 60s are key to filling these gaps – now, more than ever, the older workforce is the workforce,” said Dr. Carole Easton, Chief Executive at the Centre for Ageing Better.

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