The Best Groceries Hitting Shelves in March 2024

The Best Groceries Hitting Shelves in March 2024

The Best Groceries Hitting Shelves in March 2024

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March, to me, is when it feels like the year is finally — officially — starting. January is steeped in post-holiday blues, February is usually cold and we’re all just trying to get through it, but March feels like a month full of possibilities. Those possibilities include trying hauls of new grocery items, some of which really usher in excitement for spring. 

So far, we’ve got a fun iteration of a beloved cookie, a vegan version of sour cream that’s perfect for potato salads and bowls of chili, and a gluten-free and upgraded take on nostalgic boxed mac and cheese. As the month goes on, I’ll be updating this list with more March picks you need to try. 

1. Milano London Fog Cookies

I’m more of a tea than coffee person and a London Fog — which consists of Earl Grey tea, vanilla, and milk — is my go-to coffeehouse drink. That’s why I was really excited to see this limited-edition flavor roll out from Pepperidge Farms. It boasts that fragrant bergamot flavor and doesn’t feel soapy or perfumey (maybe because there isn’t any actual bergamot or tea in the cookie). Regardless of the artificial flavoring, the cookie is very much reminiscent of a classic London Fog and makes for a great accompaniment to afternoon tea. 

2. Goodles Gluten-Free Cheddy Mac

I am not above boxed mac and cheese when the craving strikes (neither are chefs!), and it’s nice that there are options now with a bit more protein and heft. If you’re gluten-free, even better: Goodles’ new gluten-free Cheddy Mac is indistinguishable from its original recipe, so just as delicious. It still has a slightly unnerving bright orange hue from the cheese powder, but there’s also a good amount of protein (14 grams or 20% of the daily value) and fiber (four grams or 14% of daily value) per serving. I like to add chopped broccoli and spinach to take this meal even further.

3. Elmhurst 1925 Dairy-Free Sour Cream

The texture of this dairy-free sour cream is spot on: thick, creamy, with a velvety finish that feels like the standard stuff. Does it taste exactly like traditional sour cream? Not necessarily. There’s definitely a note of coconut due to coconut oil in the ingredients and it lacks the same punchy tang sour cream does. That being said, it’s a great alternative for vegans and those that are lactose-intolerant, and I think it’d fare particularly well in something like a potato salad, where fresh dill, lemon, and garlic can overpower the coconut flavor.

Spot any exciting new groceries on shelves this month? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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