The $8 Costco Grocery I’m Stocking in My Pantry This Spring

The $8 Costco Grocery I’m Stocking in My Pantry This Spring

The $8 Costco Grocery I’m Stocking in My Pantry This Spring

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I love everything about food — the smells, the sizzle, and even the shopping — so it’s a major bummer that tightening the household expenses often means limiting my “fun food funds.” Even when my budget is tight, Costco is my first stop for groceries each month. As a loyal Costco member for over 12 years, I know how to stretch those bulk buys. 

Knowing that I can stock up on quality, staple ingredients at affordable prices is what keeps me a warehouse regular. This month, I’m keeping a close eye on my grocery budget so I’m picking up Kirkland Signature Rolled Oats, and here’s why I think you should too. 

What’s So Great About Kirkland Signature Rolled Oats?

Kirkland Signature’s Rolled Oats, like others of its kind, contain just a single ingredient: whole grain rolled oats. (If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between rolled, instant, and steel-cut oats, we break it down for you.) What makes this a brilliant bulk buy comes down to the bottom line. At Costco, a 10-pound bag costs just under $8, or a mere five cents per ounce. At other grocery stores in my area in Georgia, rolled oats can cost from 22 cents per ounce for the store brand to 32 cents per ounce for national brands. That makes this Costco buy an unbelievable deal.

The oats come in a resealable bag, but decanting them into an airtight container keeps them fresh for longer. Rolled oats can last from one to two years if stored properly, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you can cook through a bag of this breakfast staple.

What’s the Best Way to Use Kirkland Signature Rolled Oats?

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