The 7 Best Fridge Organizers, According to the Pros

The 7 Best Fridge Organizers, According to the Pros

The 7 Best Fridge Organizers, According to the Pros

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With the busy holiday season upon us, it’s a great time to give your fridge a bit of an organizing makeover to make it more easily accessible (and visually appealing) for all the traffic it’s getting. Whether you’ve been putting off reorganizing your fridge or just want a few more ideas on making it more functional, I talked to professional organizers to share their insights on which products are the best storage solutions on the market.

So you can spend less time searching through expired products in the back of the top shelf, and spend more time with family in the hearth of your home, I reached out to Marie Mandeville, pro organizer and founder of Tailor My Space; Kenzie Harkey, founder and CEO of Simply Dare; and Raychel Klein, pro organizer, certified KonMari consultant, and founder of Raybaybay, to share their top fridge organizer picks. 

What to Do Before You Get a New Fridge Organizer

“Before buying fridge organizing products, declutter and organize your fridge first to narrow down which products you need,” recommends Harkey. “Once you categorize everything and organize it to your liking, take some measurements and then you will know what sizes you need for products.”

After you do that, consider the pros’ favorite picks for bins, turntables, labels, and organizers for cans, eggs, and fridge exteriors.

The Best Bin for Your Fridge 

The Best Turntable for Your Fridge

The Best Fridge Exterior Organizer

The Best Can Organizer for Your Fridge

The Best Egg Organizer for Your Fridge

The Best Labels for Your Fridge

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