Sustainable Clothing Capsules : uniqlo 3

Sustainable Clothing Capsules

Sustainable Clothing Capsules : uniqlo 3

482237_1_468 Sustainable Clothing Capsules : uniqlo 3

UNIQLO has announced the ‘JOIN: THE POWER OF CLOTHING’ campaign to encourage consumers to participate in sustainable initiatives and raise awareness surrounding issues like ocean pollution. UNIQLO will be marketing products made from recycled materials (polyester from plastic bottles, denim made with reduced water) and will also sell a ‘Doraemon Sustainability Mode’ T-shirt, bag, and plush toy with the Doraemon character.

Fast Retailing will also be donating proceeds up to $1 million USD from the item sales to the Nippon Foundation to further extend its sustainability efforts. The ‘JOIN: THE POWER OF CLOTHING’ will release Jul 1, 2022 via the UNIQLO website. Interested consumers can visit the campaign website to learn more about the initiative.

Image Credit: UNIQLO

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