Statement-Making Pollinator Campaigns

To bring awareness to the important role that pollinators play in the global food supply and ecosystem, and highlight declining pollinator populations, Lush Cosmetics launched a campaign for Pollinator Week. Pollinators Make It Possible was the message that defined the campaign developed in partnership with Pollinator Partnership. As Vicki Wojcik at Pollinator Partnership says, “Like pollinators, every human has the power to create massive change through even the most seemingly insignificant action. Pollinators do so much for us, and it's time we make a difference for them.”

Lush Cosmetics emptied its shelves and stopped sales at one of its flagship locations to show the critical role that pollinators have in creating the fresh ingredients used in its products. For the campaign, Lush also brought back its limited-edition Rose Butterfly Bath Bomb.

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