February 22, 2024
Square-Wheeled Bicycles

503440_1_468 Square-Wheeled Bicycles : square-wheeled bicycle

Just when you thought things couldn't get more outlandish in the design world, someone literally created a square-wheeled bicycle. Designer Sergii Gordieiev, an “engineer turned DIYer,” has gathered discarded bicycle parts to create the unthinkable and logically impossible. However, the clever creator has actually gotten it to work. Once Gordieiev built the irregularly shaped bike wheels and the frame for the chainrings, he “added rollable wheels […] to make the rotation smooth with minimum friction.”

While the square-wheeled bicycle is far from practical, it is impressive that the design actually works and its function produces some humorous correlations—”Michael Jackson performing Billy Jean” or “a war tank.”

The square-wheeled bicycle by Sergii Gordieiev can be viewed on his YouTube channel, which is full of other irregular creations.

Image Credit: Sergii Gordieiev

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