Repeated Horror Shooter Games : witchfire

Repeated Horror Shooter Games : witchfire

Repeated Horror Shooter Games : witchfire

509977_1_468 Repeated Horror Shooter Games : witchfire

Witchfire is an upcoming first-person shooter video game by The Astronauts, the developers of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Painkiller, and Bulletstorm. The game is set to release in early access in early 2023 as an Epic Games Store exclusive. Witchfire is a dark fantasy shooter set in an alternative world in which witches are real and very dangerous.

Witchfire is supposed to be a challenging game with a focus on skill-based combat and weapon variety. The game features a dynamic difficulty system that adapts to the player’s performance and preferences. The game also offers a lot of lore and world-building, with secrets and mysteries to uncover as you explore the environments. Witchfire is not a linear shooter, but rather a game with open-world exploration and non-linear progression, allowing the player to choose their own path and order of missions. The game has not announced its pricing or platforms yet, but it is expected to be available for Windows PC only via the Epic Games Store at launch.

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