Profound Animal Missions : Maui Nui Mission

Profound Animal Missions

Profound Animal Missions : Maui Nui Mission

480462_1_468 Profound Animal Missions : Maui Nui Mission

Maui Nui Venison's Axis deer is a clean-tasting, non-gamey wild meat that's already one of the world's leanest, most nutrient-dense, high-protein red meats. Not only does it include low-calorie high-protein meat but also one that is lean, fresh and rich in Omega-3s. The Maui Nui mission hopes to bring all Hawaiians back to their roots and strengthen the economy. Since the beginning of time, Hawaii's inhabitants have survived, worked, and flourished in harmony with nature. This manner of life was as much a profound cultural tradition as it was an imperative need for people living on islands with limited resources.

Innovation was incorporated into every aspect of food systems, from tight land preservation procedures to intricate agriculture and field systems. Maui Nui Venison regulates the population and restores Maui's beautiful and sensitive ecosystem by harvesting Axis deers. Since their arrival to the islands, these deers have wiped off many unique vegetation types in Hawaii, causing havoc on other animal species and the coastal ecosystems that border the islands.

To reduce this, the Axis deer venison was created. It is the country's first fully wild USDA-certified venison. It was designed with excellent care to ensure an animal is never traumatized again.

Image Credit: Maui Nui Venison

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