Playful Furniture Exhibits : playful furniture exhibit

Playful Furniture Exhibits

Playful Furniture Exhibits : playful furniture exhibit

510152_1_468 Playful Furniture Exhibits : playful furniture exhibit

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, also known by the abbreviation SFMOMA, debuted a playful furniture exhibit titled ‘Conversation Pieces: Contemporary Furniture in Dialogue.' Inspired by the ability of well-designed and whimsical furniture to spark conversations amongst people, the exhibit was on display until June 25th, 2023. In total, the event showcased 45 furniture and decor pieces that prioritize meaning and material choice over function.

The pieces in the playful furniture exhibit were described as “sometimes jarring and bold.” Some works were chosen for their alternative appearance—the otherworldly chair by Jay Sae Jung Oh and the bright blue clay chair by Maarten Baas are good examples. Other pieces symbolized social issues—Germane Barnes' porch chair with an oversized backrest resembling a wood comb, representing Black hair.

Image Credit: SFMOMA

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