February 27, 2024
Period Poverty Non-Profits

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A nonprofit organization called PERIOD. was created to end period poverty and stigma via activism, service, and education. Nadya Okamoto and Vincent Forand, two high school students from Portland, Oregon, started PERIOD. in 2014. Founded on the belief that menstruation is an integral part of reproductive health, PERIOD. believes that menstrual products should be accessible to all and aims to eradicate period poverty. PERIOD. provides millions of free menstruation products to those in need every year, helping to promote menstrual literacy and destigmatize menstruation.

To achieve this, PERIOD. has vowed to uplift younger voices working in the menstrual equity movement while working to eradicate systemic period poverty, support diverse communities, and utilize asset-based equitable programming and language.

Image Credit: PERIOD.

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