Microscopic Handbag Designs : microscopic handbag

Microscopic Handbag Designs

Microscopic Handbag Designs : microscopic handbag

508081_1_468 Microscopic Handbag Designs : microscopic handbag

MSCHF’s microscopic handbag really takes the cake in the category of ridiculous luxury fashion designs. Modeled after Louis Vuitton‘s OnTheGo tote, this outlandish piece measures just 657 by 222 by 700 micrometers. For comparison, the size of the microscopic handbag is smaller than a grain of salt.

While the microscopic handbag might not be for sale—and how could it be, MSCHF's chief creative officer, Kevin Wiesner, revealed that the design is “a commentary on shrinking luxury handbags” as the aesthetic of bag designs is taking over their usefulness.

Of course, MSCHF didn't necessarily have the technology to manufacture the microscopic handbag and as such, the designers “approached several industrial manufacturers that specialize in biotechnology.” The final product is made out of resin and 3D printing.

Image Credit: MSCHF, hypebeast

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