Lie Detector Test Cans : KeepitRealCan

Lie Detector Test Cans : KeepitRealCan

Lie Detector Test Cans : KeepitRealCan

511497_1_468 Lie Detector Test Cans : KeepitRealCan

This Spring, Simply Spiked Lemonade™ delighted Canadians with its new lineup of full-flavored spiked lemonades, expertly crafted by Simply® using 5% real squeezed and concentrated fruit juice. The brand’s highly anticipated debut created nationwide buzz, boosted by the launch of its latest campaign, #KeepitRealCan.

According to Wilson, the can’s built-in sensors are able to tell if people are “keeping it real” by measuring two key bio-response metrics: pulse rate, and galvanic skin response—changes in sweat gland activity, reflective of the intensity of our emotional state or emotional arousal.

Like a lie detector test, it works by first establishing a baseline. “To maintain consistency, we only ask yes or no questions and compare the before and after metrics,” said Wilson. “When a user’s heart rate and galvanic skin response is maintained, it can be assumed that the truth is being told. When that baseline increases we can assume there is a falsehood.”

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