Gamified Charity Events : park beyond

Gamified Charity Events

Gamified Charity Events : park beyond

497754_1_468 Gamified Charity Events : park beyond

Make-A-Wish International announced that Bandai Namco has partnered with it on its annual global live-streaming event, with Bandai Namco supporting the event with ‘Park Beyond,' an upcoming park management title. Each year, Make-A-Wish and its many partners host live streams to raise donations for charity, with the company raising a total of $125,000 USD in 2022 from the gaming community.

This year is expected to be even larger as Park Beyond is an official partner of the event. The game is slated to release this year from Bandai Namco Europe, and it is a physics-defying theme park-building game where players can transcend the limitations of gravity, technology, and money. While the company did not confirm the release date exactly, it is expected to launch corresponding to the Make-A-Wish event, drawing in thousands of viewers across the live streams.

Arnauld Muller, the CEO of Bandai Namco Europe, stated: “With Park Beyond, we've found a perfect match – as both the Foundation and our game are all about making wishes come true! We strive to make seemingly impossible wishes possible in the future!”

Image Credit: Bandai Namco Europe

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