Employee Resignations Campaigns : Souldboost

Employee Resignations Campaigns

Employee Resignations Campaigns : Souldboost

477627_1_468 Employee Resignations Campaigns : Souldboost

PepsiCo's Souldboost is offering $5,000 to quit your job and better your mental health. This ad targets individuals who feel restless and want to escape their current profession to explore new opportunities. The brand revealed that almost half (44%) of US employees had been actively seeking new employment due to the effects of the pandemic. They are calling this the ‘Great Reshuffle.'

The ‘Great Reshuffle Reset' is the campaign Soulboost has created that will reward five individuals with $5,000 to fund “journeys to their happy place to ease their minds and find solitude.” The campaign begins May 4th and aligns with Mental Health Awareness Month. The five winners will be able to use their winnings in any way that improves their happiness.

“We know just about everyone’s mental health has taken a hit after the last two years,” said Jenny Danzi, Soulboost’s senior director, in a statement. “Now, with so many people looking for new opportunities both at work and beyond, we want to encourage those looking for new horizons during this ‘Great Reshuffle’ by helping to facilitate that personal discovery.”

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