Easy Rosemary Focaccia Bread (No-Knead Recipe)

Easy Rosemary Focaccia Bread (No-Knead Recipe)

Easy Rosemary Focaccia Bread (No-Knead Recipe)

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If I could bottle the yeasty aroma of freshly baked bread, I would, but until then, I’ll rely on simple no-knead breads. The dough for this rosemary focaccia comes together quickly — and with no kneading required — so that anyone (yes, anyone) can make this bread. The bubbly bread can be prepped and baked in a single afternoon, although it tastes even better if there’s time to allow the dough to rest overnight. 

Be generous with the olive oil, as that’s the secret to developing focaccia’s signature crunchy bottom crust. Chopped garlic, fresh rosemary, and flaky sea salt are all you need to add flavor. After you’ve baked this focaccia once, give other toppings like sliced lemon, olives, tomatoes, or cheese a try. 

Ingredients in Rosemary Focaccia

Why Is There So Much Olive Oil in Focaccia?

Adding olive oil to focaccia dough adds a distinctive flavor while keeping it tender and preventing the dough from drying out as it rests. A generous amount of olive oil is added to the bottom of the metal baking pan to encourage the dough to spread, rise, and fill the pan without sticking. Plus the oil encourages the bottom of the focaccia to brown and sizzle (as if it is practically fried), which gives the bread its signature golden and crunchy crust. 

How Do You Prevent Fresh Herbs from Burning on Focaccia?

Slight charring of herbs or other toppings is to be expected when baking focaccia. There are some ways to reduce the degree to which the herbs are cooked. 

What to Serve with Rosemary Focaccia

Here are a few pairing ideas to get you started.

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