Community-Supporting Meal Initiatives : giftameal

Community-Supporting Meal Initiatives

Community-Supporting Meal Initiatives : giftameal

492564_1_468 Community-Supporting Meal Initiatives : giftameal

GiftAMeal is a startup aiming to support communities in need by partnering with restaurants across the country. GiftAMeal's primary service is a mobile application that allows users to take and share photos. However, with each photo shared, one of the partnered restaurants makes a donation to a local food bank. These resources are then used to provide meals and food supplements to communities in need.

GiftAMeal recently announced that it has successfully provided communities with over one million meals to date, which is several months ahead of the goal it set for itself. Spike Mendelsohn, the head chef at PLNT Burger, one of GiftAMeal's partners, stated: “It's truly a win-win-win, guests enjoy a phenomenal meal with us and nourish those in need through simple social sharing, which provides valuable social capital to restaurants in need, building our community and uplifting all stakeholders,” showing that GiftAMeal has created a beneficial economic cycle.

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