February 22, 2024
City-Wide Plant-Based Treaties

497233_1_468 City-Wide Plant-Based Treaties : plant based treaty

Scotland’s Edinburgh is the first capital city in Europe to sign the Plant Based Treaty, a doctrine that lays out a transition towards a more sustainable, plant-based food system. The Plant Based Treaty (PBT) was created to help governments shift municipalities away from animal agriculture to better handle the climate crisis.

As a global climate leader, Edinburgh is stepping up by promoting plant-based food across the city, which will ultimately help people make different food choices for their personal health, the health of the planet or the welfare of animals. The PBT was first introduced to Edinburgh City Council in March 2022 by Green Councilor Steve Burgess and it stated that 23% of Edinburgh’s consumption-based footprint and nearly half (12%) can be attributed to meat consumption.

The PBT promises to support reduced environmental impact, as well as health benefits for individuals, and animal protection.

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