March 3, 2024
Cinema-Themed Bat Boxes

494203_1_468 Cinema-Themed Bat Boxes : bat boxes

To protect and bring awareness to the UK's declining bat population, streaming service NOW teamed up with the Bat Conservation Trust on a limited-edition run of bat boxes. These bat boxes styles as tiny theaters coincide with the launch of The Batman on NOW and they're being distributed for free.

The charming miniature cinemas are equipped with everything from their own box offices, and lights to listings and seats on the roof for bats to hang out. 100 of the cinema-themed bat boxes are up for grabs and each one will help to bring attention to the fact that bats are one of the most endangered species in the UK, with six of the 18 indigenous species at risk of extinction.

Bat lovers and Batman fans alike are invited to enter for their chance to win a bat box of their own, as well as a three-month NOW Cinema Membership.

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