Christmas In Uncertain Times – Get Creative

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Christmas In Uncertain Times – Get Creative

Christmas In Uncertain Times – Get Creative

Times are hard all over the World and little chance of that changing in the future, no matter who you look to blame, reality is, it's time to think differently.

People will be concerned about being able to give presents at Christmas and many can not even contemplate it.

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I have been on a call today with a handful of online marketers future planning our way for the coming years…no just 2023, but starting with a 5 year plan.

We are not unique in this but being realistic and working out what is possible in these troubled times.

The new buzz words, even from some of the Big Brand Boys n Girls are:



Basically everyone, with any amount of humanity, is looking to make changes that include awareness of recycling implications and make significant and/or positive changes that solve or at least begin to address social challenges and injustices.

As individuals, and regardless of our financial situations, we have a responsibility to each other, and yes, the planet, to GET CREATIVE…Christmas is seen as a gift giving time, which is a nice concept, but does it need to be the latest shiny item to impress or could it be things you have that could be recycled, up cycled….perhaps you're a creative type and could apply your craft to a gift made by you….just thoughts…but I guarantee the words Recommerce and Social Impact will be used more and more, and Brands will be using it as a selling point, which if they are ethical, will be a positive.

Dominus Owen Markham

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