Charitable Digital Brochures : C.O Cosmeticos

Charitable Digital Brochures

Charitable Digital Brochures : C.O Cosmeticos

491599_1_468 Charitable Digital Brochures : C.O Cosmeticos

‘C.O Cosméticos' is a Sao Paulo-based cosmetics brand that recently launched a partnership with the non-government organization ‘SOS Pantanal.' SOS Pantanal works to preserve and protect the Pantanal, a large natural wetlands in Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. This is one of the largest natural wetlands in the world, making it both an integral part of South American landscapes and an important landmark worth protecting.

Through this partnership, C.O Cosméticos is launching a series of nine personal care products spread across three packaged kits. Each kit contains a conditioner, shampoo, and hair mask inspired by the Pantanal and South American culture. Additionally, the products are sold packaged in a box equipped with a QR code that, when scanned, links to a digital brochure that provides information on SOS Pantanal and its projects. This helps customers stay informed on the exact charitable cause that they are supporting by purchasing C.O Cosméticos' Pantanal-inspired kits.

Image Credit: C.O Cosméticos.

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