Branded Thought-Provoking Podcasts : thought-provoking podcast

Branded Thought-Provoking  Podcasts

Branded Thought-Provoking Podcasts : thought-provoking podcast

483764_1_468 Branded Thought-Provoking Podcasts : thought-provoking podcast

The Sound Bath is an intimate and thought-provoking podcast, introduced by Lush Comestics—a brand that has committed itself to ethical and sustainable production of skincare products.

The Sound Bath really deepens Lush's commitment to facilitating a better tomorrow. Hosted by American poet Aja Monet who invites some of her favorite authors, artists, activists, and experts to the table, the discussions revolve around personal, social, and environmental care and how these puzzle pieces fit in today's society.

Insightfully, Lush tailored its thought-provoking podcast to be enjoyed during bath time. In addition to the intimate conversation, one can enjoy soothing music meditation that is built-in throughout the duration of each episode. From climate justice activist and author Naomi Klein to writer Fariha Róisín, The Sound Bath podcast offers good space for thinking though, learning, and unlearning.

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