Botanical Sinkhole Paradises : botanical masterpiece

Botanical Sinkhole Paradises

Botanical Sinkhole Paradises : botanical masterpiece

474590_1_468 Botanical Sinkhole Paradises : botanical masterpiece

Hunte’s Garden in Barbados is a botanical masterpiece and one of the island’s best-kept attractions. What makes it truly spectacular is the unusual story of how it came to be.

Anthony Hunte, a well-known horticulturist, started cultivating his spectacular garden in what was once a sinkhole. He began in the 1950s and to this day continues to sustain and nurture a now rich tropical paradise. Largely hidden from street view his unsuspecting property is a wonderful surprise. As if from nowhere a tranquil Eden appears just off the highway, erupting with color and sweet dewy air.

Guests are invited to take a walk through and admire the countless species of plants and animals who inhabit the garden. You can even get married or book a special dining experience on-site.

Image Credit: Hunte’s Gardens

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