Awareness-Raising Banana Art : Non-Fungible Banana

Awareness-Raising Banana Art

Awareness-Raising Banana Art : Non-Fungible Banana

492171_1_468 Awareness-Raising Banana Art : Non-Fungible Banana

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Fairtrade International will be unveiling the world's first Non-Fungible Banana called The Last Banana. As the leading certification for social justice and sustainability stated in a press release, The Last Banana will be on view at the event “as a definitive warning to visiting delegates that the future of the global food system hangs in the balance.”

Bananas are the most popular fruit in the world with an estimated global export value of $7 billion dollars per year, yet the impact of climate change and other threats like plant diseases threaten the future of bananas. This unique Non-Fungible Banana wants to remind people not to take their favorite foods for granted. Notably, Fairtrade's NFB, is not a non-fungible token.

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