February 28, 2024
Age-Inclusive Employee Programs

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AIMS Colorado, also known as the ‘Age-Inclusive Management Strategies in Colorado' nonprofit organization, announced a new program to help employers recruit and retain senior citizen employees in the state. Through this program, AIMS Colorado will work with companies operating in the state at no charge to the company.

The organization will then work with employers and managers to assess the current hiring practices, current HR practices, and other information related to work environments, with a particular focus on how these practices influence senior and aging workers.

Following this initial assessment, AIMS Colorado will work with the companies' management teams through workshops to help refocus workplace policies to be more age-inclusive. This includes taking notice of what senior employees respond to, what workers prioritize in a workplace, and what can be done to ensure workplaces are not subject to high turnover rates, resulting in a larger, more dedicated workforce for these companies.

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