18 Useful (and Fun) Skills to Learn Online

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18 Useful (and Fun) Skills to Learn Online

I’ve talked before about setting up new habits that help create a healthier lifestyle, like increasing your movement, getting more sleep, and eating more protein. But have you ever thought about the health benefits of learning a fun new skill?

Learning new things keeps our minds sharp and healthy, which is important as we age. Not only does it give your brain some exercise, but it’s a great way to help your mental health. Learning a new skill gives you and your kids self-confidence, plus there’s an added bonus of having a new hobby! Hobbies are a creative outlet for you to express yourself, which helps lower stress.

Finding Time to Learn

With our busy schedules, it might feel hard to sign up for in-person classes. And you might think it will be expensive to learn a new skill. Luckily, there’s a world of online classes you can learn from the comfort of your own home (and in your pajamas!). Some of these courses are even accessible through apps, so you can learn something while you’re waiting in your car!

I’ve compiled a list of cool skills you can learn from online classes—everything from hobbies like crocheting to learning a foreign language to life skills like how to budget or change a flat tire. Find one you’ll enjoy to sharpen your skills and have some fun!

18 Useful and Fun Skills to Learn Online

There’s so much information available for free or for a reasonable sum that going to school for many skills seems like a waste of time and money. Over the last few years, my kids and I have taken several of these online courses together. We’ve learned fun skills like solving the Rubik’s Cube, cooking, the basics of digital photography, and how to be better chess players.

The best part?

We’ve taken some of these classes together, and they’ve been a great way to spend time together as a family. Each year, our plan is to learn a new skill as a family every couple of months.

Some of my favorite places to take online courses include Udemy, Skillshare, and Wondrium. These websites have loads of courses you can take for very reasonable prices. If you don’t see something you like on this list, search for something that you’d love to learn!

All you need to do once you find the course you want to take is get a few supplies (you can even order them on Amazon, so you don’t have to leave the house!). Then you’re all set to get some new useful skills.

1. How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube

My brother learned how to solve the Rubik’s Cube when we were growing up and could eventually do it in under a minute! I’m certainly not that fast yet, but my oldest three kids and I can finally solve the basic 3×3 Rubik’s cube. This great skill is a fun thing you can do to impress your loved ones!

To learn, you’ll need a basic 3×3 Rubik’s Cube (this one is our favorite) and the course “Master Rubik’s Cube in 4 Days.“

2. Learn to Draw

I’ve always loved drawing, but I’ve found that it’s tougher than I expected to pass on this skill to my kids. We’ve all enjoyed taking art classes together, and I’ve learned some new skills as well. I’m amazed at the drawings we’ve created!

To learn, you’ll need paper and markers, pens or pencils, and the course called “The Secrets to Drawing.”

3. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

I have horrible memories of piano lessons with a grumpy teacher who had bad breath. I decided to try again, and this time I’m working on remembering how to play piano with the help of Pianoforall and Hoffman Academy. Want to learn a different instrument like the banjo, violin, ukelele, or other instrument? Check out Wondruim’s musical instrument offerings.

To learn, you’ll need the instrument of your choice (you might find it on Amazon). Check out the memberships on these sites for some fun tutorials.

4. How to Play Chess (or Get Better At It)

My grandmother taught me to play chess as a child, and I’ve always enjoyed it. She also never let me win. Beating her was one of the crowning accomplishments of my life, as both of my grandparents were in Mensa, and she was quite the lady! Now, I’m enjoying playing with my own kids and learning with them.

To learn, you’ll need a chess board and the course “Chess: From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed.”

5. The Basics of Sewing

I have so many friends who wish they could sew. I’m so grateful for my mom and her infinite patience in teaching me when I was a kid, but for those who didn’t get that chance… there’s still time to learn! There are some great online sewing courses, and you can learn to sew in a couple of weeks!

To learn, you’ll need a sewing machine (this is the one we have), fabric, and the course “Startup Library: Sewing.”

6. How to Train Your Dog

I know several people who joke that their dogs are just wild animals that live in their homes. I realized my dogs had always been this way too. They weren’t mean or harmful, but they also didn’t like to sit, stay, come, or fetch… much less do anything more advanced. Turns out, you can train your dog at home, and it’s much simpler than it seems!

To learn, you’ll need a dog and the course “Science-Based Dog Training (with Feeling).”

7. How to Sing

I’ll admit I had my reservations about this one. It was one of my experiments for the new year a few years ago. I loved it! I had always wanted to get better at singing but have never had the opportunity to take lessons. (The courses promise that anyone can sing!).

To learn, you’ll need yourself and the course “How to Sing.”

8. Photography Masterclass

I’ve always wanted to become a better photographer. If you saw any of my earliest blog photos, you’ll see that I’ve definitely made some progress. I had fun learning how to improve my photography skills with this course.

To learn, you’ll need a DSLR camera and the “Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography.

9. Ways to Learn Faster

Learning faster is a valuable skill everyone can use! I talked about the specific speed-reading tools my kids use in this post about our favorite homeschool tools, but there are also some great courses online to help with the process.

To learn, you’ll need yourself and the course “Become a SuperLearner 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory.”

10. How to Paint Like a Pro

My kids wanted to learn how to paint, so we’ve added it as one of our classes for our homeschool curriculum for a few years. Not only are they learning how to paint, but they are learning about Impressionism too. I love their artwork and enjoy displaying it around the house.

To learn, you’ll need oil or acrylic paints and the course “Impressionism – Paint this Farmhouse with Oils or Acrylics.”

11. The Basics of Music Theory

Music theory is helpful for learning any instrument, and while I learned it as a kid, I don’t remember enough to teach it well. We’re using an online course as a family so the kids can learn and as a refresher for me!

To learn, you’ll need the course “Music Theory Comprehensive Complete! (Levels 1, 2, & 3).”

12. Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is a great way to get ready for a trip to a foreign country or just broaden your horizons and stretch your brain. If you want to help your kids learn a new language, check out Talkbox.mom. They promise that you can help your family members learn the language even if you don’t know it! And not only do they have the typical French and Spanish, but they even have Hebrew, Romanian, Korean, and others.!

To learn, check out the courses on Talkbox.mom and get started learning.

13. How to Create YouTube Videos

Looking to earn some money with an online job? This course helps you learn how to create a YouTube channel. You’ll find all the things you’ll need to be successful, including shooting the video, scripting, and video editing so you can take videos to the next level.

To learn, you’ll need video recording equipment and the course YouTube Success: Script, Shoot & Edit with MKBHD on Skillshare.

14. Teach Your Kids Life Skills

Would you like to help your kids learn about budgeting, money management, problem-solving, how to be independent, skills for work and career, and more? Check out #LifeSkillsNow for online courses for your kids. Their courses offer practical and essential skills for your kids. They even include basic first aid, how to change a flat tire, and how to arrange a flower bouquet.

To learn, sign up for one of the modules (or both!) at #LifeSkillsNow.

15. Learn a New Creative Skill

Always wanted to know how to do calligraphy or origami? What about magic tricks and card tricks? How about hip-hop dancing for beginners or juggling? Always wanted to make a DIY crochet blanket? These creative skills can be a fun outlet for you and your kids to practice in your free time, plus they can provide entertainment, and some will even bring a few laughs. You might just find a new hobby!

To learn, you’ll need any required supplies and search for the course you want to learn here.

16. Introduction to Beekeeping

Have you always wanted to have bees? This course is a great way to learn all about beekeeping. It will give you step-by-step guidance to build confidence to start this new hobby. You can enjoy fresh honey while also helping out the earth!

To learn, check out this Introduction to Beekeeping at NewBee University.

17. Learn Graphic Design on Canva

Always wanted to learn graphic design? It’s another great side gig and a way to make extra money from home! There are lots of classes online, starting with the basics all the way to the expert level. Check out a course that teaches you Canva, and you’ll save money on software.

To learn, you’ll need a computer, a free Canva account, and the course “The Complete Canva Course.”

18. Teach Your Kids to Cook

Our family cooks together, and as my kids have gotten older, they’ve been able to take over some of the responsibilities on their own. They’ve taken courses to teach them the basics of cooking, and it’s been well worth it. Not only are they learning to cook for themselves, they’re learning how to cook healthy!

To learn, you’ll need kitchen tools, ingredients, and the “Kids Cook Real Food” online course.

There are so many online courses where you and your family can learn cool skills, find a new hobby, build self-confidence, and spend time together! Just pick something you’ve always wanted to learn and get started.

Have you ever wanted to learn a skill but thought it would be too tough? Have you tried a new skill and found a new hobby you love?

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