Veteran-Supporting Energy Cans : c4 energy 1

Veteran-Supporting Energy Cans

Veteran-Supporting Energy Cans : c4 energy 1

491850_1_468 Veteran-Supporting Energy Cans : c4 energy 1

C4 Energy is teaming up with the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering post-9/11 veterans who have been wounded in action. Through this two-year cooperation, C4 Energy will work with WWP to ensure disabled American veterans get the assistance they need to pursue their dreams and aspirations. The new and reinvented offerings from C4 are now exclusively available through military channels, including AAFES.The cooperation is being led by the debut of an exclusive C4 ‘Energy Mango Foxtrot’ flavor in a WWP Can, in addition to a pre-workout powder.

“Wounded Warrior Project’s programs and services helped me heal and find comfort and community in civilian life,” said Wounded Warrior Danielle Green. “As a result, I’m thankful for the generosity of corporate partners like C4 Energy because their support helps fuel these life-changing programs for warriors like me.”

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