Trash-Converting Snack Campaigns : Seanack

Trash-Converting Snack Campaigns

Trash-Converting Snack Campaigns : Seanack

485407_1_468 Trash-Converting Snack Campaigns : Seanack

The Seanack project in South Korea was devised to gamify the collection of waste on the beach and literally turn trash into treasure by rewarding people with snacks. For the first time in three years, the beaches of South Korea are opening up once again as social distancing policies relax, and K-Green Foundation, Korea Tourism and Lotte Department Store and Cheil Worldwide are reminding beach-goers to do their part.

For a short time this summer, the Seanack will be a destination that turns coastal waste into the currency needed to trade for snacks.

Ultimately, this campaign was created to bring awareness to the problem of ocean waste and encourage “‘plogging” as an activity that combines jogging with picking up litter.

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