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    Danny Kavadlo New Years Blog

    What is time? Are our lives just a series of randomly occurring events? Or perhaps our experiences are inter-connected by some odd, invisible thread. Who knows? Maybe any “timeline” at all is purely a human invention—our best attempt at comprehending the way that affairs unfold.

    Or not. I sure as Hell don’t know!

    In any case, whether the linear tracking of time corresponds to history, the universe or just how good we’re getting at pull-ups, we use calendars every day. We know exactly how much time has gone by. Sometimes it’s good to look back…

    2017 was a huge year for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification: we welcomed new PCC instructors at workshops across the US, as well as in England, China, Poland and Australia. PCC has truly become a global phenomenon and we are thrilled at how big the family is getting!

    2017 also saw the release of GET STRONG, the very first Kavadlo title to contain a specific, detailed 16-week program. To anyone who’s ever asked where the best place to get started is, or how far you can go, this book is for you. You asked for it. You got it!

    Throughout the years, this blog has become more than just a forum for sharing information. It’s also been been a fantastic way for us to connect and grow as a community. As Master PCC, I am well acquainted with every single word that runs on this blog. Here are my Top Ten PCC posts of 2017:

    – Brian Stramel wrote about his unbelievable, Grand Prize-winning metamorphosis when he took on the Get Strong Transformation Challenge.

    – With his classic, bold simplicity and years of experience, Master PCC Al Kavadlo gave us these 5 reasons to practice pistol squats.

    – PCC Team Leader Matt Schifferle explained the advantages of building muscle using the power of calisthenics.

    – Drawing upon the connection between Eastern martial arts and progressive calisthenics, PCC Instructor Ray Shonk recounted his fitness journey.

    – PCC Team Leader Grace Kavadlo shared her savvy in both strength and flexibility, giving us these 5 tips for training the V-sit.

    – Here’s a stellar blueprint for arranging a group fitness calisthenics class by PCC Team Leader Matt Beecroft.

    – PCC Instructor Steve “Grizzly” Opalenik demystified breathing, tension and meditation as they relate to the body and mind.

    – In her signature fashion, PCC Team Leader Annie Vo explained how people change over time, the pursuit of knowledge deepens and why YOU need to recertify!

    – With this masterful post on “chaos-proofing” your workouts, Senior PCC Adrienne Harvey gifts us with a mother-load of information about muscular tension, efficiency, programming and more.

    – I contributed quite a few posts in 2017. You guys seemed to like this one. It’s called Take Hold Of The Flame.

    I’m grateful to all of you who follow this blog. Thanks for reading, sharing, commenting and contributing. We appreciate it more than you know. The future is big and bright. We hope to see you at the PCC in 2018. Happy New Year!

    Keep The Dream Alive!


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