Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

    Hi everyone,

    As Yvonne, Affectionately Known As Whirly, said in her email last week, my brothers, Joe and Michael, and I have decided to take on the running and dissemination of our dad’s work through

    Please don’t worry or panic about accessing courses or anything you’ve bought. You can expect some changes to the site in the coming weeks and months, but we’ll give you plenty of notice before we do anything. So fear not, nothing will be lost.

    Quite the opposite in fact.

    The reason we’ve decided to do this is we want to offer Stephen’s work to as many people as we can, to thicken the sauce and broaden the spread, as it were.

    Our dad’s sauce was nothing if not thick and we want to see his spread return to its broad and glorious ways.

    That metaphor’s got a bit weird, hasn’t it?

    Please excuse me, it’s because I’m excited.

    We all are: Joe, Michael and I are really excited about what’s to come.

    The way we see it is we’re entering into a partnership with our dad.

    One of his biggest strengths was his sheer prolificacy. He was one of the most prolific people around. His output almost impossible to match. And there’s so much brilliant work here, we refuse to let it go to waste. We want it out there because it can live on, hopefully long after him.

    But while productivity was a huge strength, his organisation was, well… not.

    You should see how things were saved on his desktop. You should’ve seen his real-life desk. Actually, you can be thankful you didn’t. It’s hard to convey the sheer chaos, the terror. Sorting through it after he died, to save the essentials, required us all to wear ropes and harnesses so we could be pulled to safety if we got trapped in the rubble.

    And so that’s what we’re planning to bring to the partnership: some organisation and clean lines to his prolific output and creativity.

    We have some ideas of our own too which we know he’d really dig, and we’re just massively excited about what we can do together, and for you to come with. Because the ride isn’t over. Not by a long shot. He might be gone in body, but the adventure he started keeps going.

    Thank you Whirly for steering the ship through these rough seas. You were a fine, fine skipper if you don’t mind us saying.

    The water’s calmed again now, the wind’s in our sails and I reckon he might be looking on smiling, making an absurd mess of his heavenly desk.

    On behalf of Joe and Michael, and with love and excitement for what’s ahead,

    Jake x




    *Original Post By Kind Permission Jake Russell*



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