Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

    As we reorient ourselves once more to face forward, looking up at 2021 as it forms before us, it may well feel daunting, it might’ve already floored us, But give me time, it implores us, because 2021 might turn to adore us.

    Right now, admittedly, that feels, at best, imaginary. But if we first don’t imagine, how can we make any single thing happen?

    Imagine then act and imagination becomes fact.

    Not always, maybe not even often, but enough for our failures to recede and soften.

    Enough to climb from the canvass and go again like a badass. Because the bell’s just rung for 2021.

    A new round of the adventure has begun.

    So, stand strong and tall, guard up and mindful, active not idle, with imagination switched to kind and beautiful.

    Now, keep stepping forward.

    And however implausible the thought is, this might be a year to reward us,

    Love, Jake xx




    *Original Post By Kind Permission Jake Russell*

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