Fri. Sep 17th, 2021
    open up again - jake russell

    When you find yourself in a hole, and the hole seems deeper every day

    and the sides steeper in every way,

    when you keep on slipping towards the bottom

    and all the good things have been forgotten,

    and the size of your life closes in

    and feels so small it’d fit in the bin,

    when all the books on the shelf look pompous

    and all the self-help feels self-conscious,

    when all the podcasts sound the same

    and everything on Netflix a silly game,

    and what you want is nothing at all

    because nothing, it seems, can change at all,

    and so you decide to hide away

    and lie in bed and cry today,

    and the thought of going out is tiring

    and the view from the window uninspiring

    and you sit and put your head in your hands

    and wonder, how can this be in God’s plans?


    It’s precisely then you need to get up,

    get in the shower and get cleaned up,

    put on some clothes that aren’t so soft

    and walk out the door before you get lost.


    And go to the sea or into the woods,

    somewhere away from your neighbourhood,

    without any walls, and away from buildings,

    away from cars and concrete paving,

    where the surfaces aren’t straight and the lines aren’t square,

    where the branches and clouds pattern the air

    and the sun and the breeze whisper with ease

    to come back to the world, come back please.


    And if you have someone to go with, all the better,

    they needn’t even be your best friend ever,

    just someone to draw you out your own head

    and thinking about other things instead.

    Then come back and call your mum, call a brother,

    call one friend or another.

    And you’ll see,

    I guarantee,

    life is no longer closing in,

    it’s beginning to open up again.


    Jake x




    *Original Post By Kind Permission Jake Russell*

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