Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

    Explore southern New Zealand in a journey from the dry highlands of canterbury to the lush rainforests of the westcoast and the rugged coastlines of the south to the highest peaks of the southern Alps. Captured in incredibly detailed 8K resolution and mastered at 60fps this video is aimed to bring you as close to the scenery as being just on location. Within the production-time of 16weeks, 185000 photos have been taken, 8TB of raw-material shot, over 220 hours of time captured, 8000km driven and over 1000 hours have been spent for post-production. Visit my website for information about the project:


    Behind The Scenes: 8K Version: Soundtrack: “Waves” – Mattia Cupelli: STOCK FOOTAGE:


    EQUIPMENT: Cameras: Sony A7RII, Sony A7s, Canon 6D Lenses: Zeiss Otus 28mm, Canon 11-24mm, Tamron 15-30mm, Zeiss Milvus 35mm, Canon 70-200mm Motion-Control: eMotimo Spectrum ST4, customized Dynamic Perception Stage One

    Cast: Martin Heck | Timestorm Films, Videocopter NZ, eMotimo, Dynamic Perception, LRTimelapse and Nimia

    Tags: newzealand, 8K, new, zealand, timestormfilms, 4K, UHD, ascending, martinheck, martin, heck, stock, footage, hdr, beautiful, nature, timelapse, time-lapse, time and lapse

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